Thursday, 17 June 2010

The nature of the project

We are at Kibla Arts Centre, Maribor, Slovenia.

KIBLA14LET/Johannes Birringer:UKIYO - koreografska instalacija

We have a performance tomorrow evening and today is a long heavy day for everyone to get everything ready and make this performance happen. Now for me, Ukiyo really look like 'floating worlds' as this blog is called. This work is like a collage of everyone who have been involved.

UKIYOgibljivi svetovi / koreografska instalacija

Yiorgos Bakalos
Katsura Isobe
Biyo Kikuchi
Jun Makime
Anne-Laure Misme
Helenna Ren
Mamen Rivera
Yumi Sagara
Olu Taiwo
Ruby Rumiko Bessho
Caroline Wilkins

Zasnova in režija: Johannes Birringer

Originalna glasba: Oded Ben-Tal
Oblikovanje svetlobe: Mamen Rivera
Fotografija: Paul Verity Smith
3D grafično oblikovanje: Doros Polydorou
procesiranje zvoka v živo: Sandy Finlayson
Modno oblikovanje in koncept: Michele Danjoux
Scenografija: Johannes Birringer
Virtualna vizualna zasnova: Takeshi Kabata, Gekitora

11 performers and 9 artists. Each has brought their own interest and practice they have been exploring, and Ukiyo is the work that embraces the all. This is the unique nature of this project, as opposed to more commercial works where specialists are called in to realise the completed work that a director draws in his/ her mind.

So in a sense, I feel Ukiyo is very fragmented and confusing if you want to follow the narrative in the performance. But if you think about the backgrounds of the artists and the fact that such different people got together in this work, the whole project is impressive.

Each scene, each moment is like crystal of work by each artist. It is so rich and intense.

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