Tuesday, 2 February 2010

To do list

On Sunday I suggested we need to prioritise our collective effort to make the best use of time we have. I think a good starting point would be to collect our various ideas - especially the ideas that require cooperative work - into a list and then try to figure out some priorities. Michele suggested I should get the ball rolling so here goes (in no particular order):
- Sensors: getting the system set up receiving data from dancers and sharing data between the computers. which will enable us to work on:
- Sensors: dancer's interacting with 3D world & music - games and dramaturgy.
- Dancers should spend time performing with Paul's images to develop interesting connections between the screen images and the stage performance.
- Exploring the sounds from Carolin's small speakers in relation to her performance (vocal & theatrical)
- Developing dancer's sonic performance. Especially when more then one dancer is performing the relationship between the different sounds (acoustic & electronic), gestures, images.
- Developing a megaphone (of sorts) for Anne-Laure to distort her vocal performance.
- Can we Use small speakers to animate objects (e.g. if we hang speakers like leaves from a tree will they rattle a little when we send sounds into them?)
- Finding an effective way to utilise the wireless speaker, and then integrate it into the performance if we can.

Some of these might need to be broken up into smaller tasks as we develop our wish list.