Thursday, 31 December 2009

Audio Visual demos

Back in Japan we recorded some sounds Katsura could make with the leaves. I started exploring the possibilites of transforming these to replace the not-so-great-sounds Katsura was activating through the touch sensor. This is just a start but I put together two short demos of how these might work.
The first one is fairly close to the original sounds. Imagine that these are activated by Katsura:

In this version the leaf sounds are transformed (becoming somewhat like thunders). I tried to place these as if they are triggered by Katsura. I also kept some of the original soundtrack for the sound the leaves make as she is walking through them. But you also hear the original triggered sounds try to ignore those.

These are just illustrations of two possibilities. If I have more time I will try to create more.

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katsurabbit said...


How wonderful that you can create demos like these!

I love the second thunder sound. It looks and sounds amazing as if I can control the weather too, or it feels that my movement can even shake the earth and crack the ground. It gives another layer onto the scene and more depth on the performance.