Sunday, 25 October 2009

To begin with,

This blog is on the creative process of Ukiyo at DAP lab at Brunel University.

I am starting this blog from the frustration of not being able to meet with other members and to work intimately. I feel a lack of communication among us. The blog title Floating Worlds is in plural because at the moment everyone is in one's own bubble such as thoughts and imaginations. These need to communicate and interact if we want to create a work together.

So I first make myself a place where I can open up and express my thoughts and imaginations, which is this blog. I am hoping that other members join me and the blog becomes a place to exchange and share one's thoughts and imaginations. But if it does not happen since everyone is busy with their own agenda, I would still effuse mine here.

This is also my experiment in documentation. I am interested in documenting my subjective feeling and thoughts that comes with my exploration into my performance. In this multidisciplinary project, live performance is one of the disciplines that utilize our own living body. The living body does not reach at a conclusion all at once. It needs its own journey to receive information, to process, to interpret and to express. I will write, draw, take a picture etc on this process in order to be aware of itself and enrich my work by approaching from different dimensions after digesting the raw information in my body.

The idea of the relationship between performance and documentation has been inspired by some workshops I have participated at Independent Dance, with Simon Forti, Rosemary Butcher and Deborah Hay, and also a residency at London Metropolitan University facilitated by Thomas Kampe. I just want to mention that the idea did not come only over a night.
Here, you can read more about my starting point of this blog.

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